Cyber Security Assessments

Understanding the competence and effectiveness of your organisation’s cybersecurity is critical to the effectiveness of that cybersecurity.

The burden of keeping your organisation safe can be overwhelming. Knowing where best to focus your time and energy is often the hardest part and calls for skills and experience that may not be in the skillset or capabilities of your IT team.

Conducting cyber assessments are a key way to ensure you know exactly where your cybersecurity posture is. Whilst penetration tests are very valuable and delivering ‘moment in time’ insights, IT Teams, CISOs and CIOs are learning that it takes more than that to do fully understand your posture.

Our cybersecurity assessments and audits are designed to help you understand if your organisation’s people, processes and technologies are as secure as you think they are.

Conducting a deep-dive review, these non-invasive, yet meaningful, assessments will provide you with a set of findings and practical recommendations to implement.

So, we have a choice of assessments to help you understand and identify risks and issues in your cybersecurity including: Cyber Risk Assessment, Supplier Audit, Social Engineering Assessment, Technical Audit, Gap Analysis and a GDPR Assessment.

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