Cyber Security Strategy

In a world where the volume and value of data has never been greater, regulatory requirements are more robust than ever, and most worryingly, threat from hackers and cyberattacks are exponentially evolving, information security must be a critical business consideration.

Transactional services such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and red teaming provide enormous value, which can be fully realised when they are placed within a clear strategy that centre’s around keeping your organisation safe.

When you consider that 32% of businesses identified a cyberattack or breach within the last 12 months [Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019], having an integrated and mature cybersecurity strategy for your organisation is a must-have, not a wish list item.

Your cyber security strategy is our business.

Our team of cyber security experts have your business’ best interests at heart. Our team are independently checked and verified, to ensure we remain impartial and practice what we preach. These accreditations include CREST C-Star, Check service provider, Cyber Essentials certifying body, ISO27001 and ISO9001.

You know our information assets are crucial to your business, but they are often difficult to evaluate in monetary terms because they’re intangible.

Implementing a robust information security framework provides you with a measure of control, reducing the risk of your assets being compromised. There is a trade-off between the protection of assets and the cost of doing so.

At Perspective Risk we provide practical, business-focused advice to ensure that your organisation achieves the right level of protection cost-effectively.

Along with our cybersecurity strategic consultancy services, we offer Cyber Essentials Certification assistance, Virtual CISO services, Security Policy Development, Security Awareness Training, Cyber Assessments and ISO 27001 Implementation.

Cyber Essentials Certification

We help our clients both prepare, and be assessed for, the Cyber Essentials and Cyber essentials PLUS certifications. Cyber Essentials is applicable to any organisation that has internet-facing IT systems, including user devices and servers.

As an accredited certifying body for the Cyber Essentials scheme, we have many years of experience of providing tailored assessments and comprehensive remedial advice for any organisation wishing to achieve this valuable certification. Find out more

Virtual CISO Services

If you need support and expertise in delivering your information security strategy, our Virtual CISO service is the perfect choice, providing a specialist and managed service to deliver your Information Security objectives.

Flexible, pay-as-you-go or annual contract options, ensure you can scale up your IS requirements for as long or short a time as needed. You can also choose between onsite or remote support to supplement or create your cybersecurity team. Find out more

Security Policy Development

As part of your Information Security and Cybersecurity strategy, the development and adoption of IS policies delivers practical benefits as well as supporting your strategy in the longer term.

Through an established process of understanding your business, your objectives, and assessing your levels of risk, we develop information security policies that justify crucial investment in security.

We can help at all stages of policy development, from an overarching information security policy to detailed procedures for the operational aspects of your business. Find out more

Security Awareness Training

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, along with all the right cybersecurity tools, are just part of the whole Information Security puzzle. People are often the weakest link in any organisation’s IS posture, generally due to a lack of understanding on how they play a critical part in protecting your company’s networks, data and other information assets.

With a simple, practical and jargon free approach to security awareness training, our course content focus is on the application and implementation of best practices within cybersecurity, with the aim of reducing your IS exposure and risk, meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements, and protecting your brand and your reputation. Find out more

Cyber Assessments

Understanding your current cybersecurity posture is a key factor in developing a best in class cybersecurity strategy. We provide a range of assessments to help you do this including: Cyber Risk Assessment, Supplier Audit, Social Engineering Assessment, Technical Audit, Gap Analysis and a GDPR Assessment. Find out more

ISO27001 Implementation

Developing and implementing ISO 27001 can be daunting. Using our expertise and experience, we will clearly explain the stages involved and break them down into manageable steps. Our supportive team will guide you through the process for achieving an Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).

If you would like to define, implement or improve your cybersecurity posture and defences, our team of cybersecurity experts can provide your organisation with a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services [link to main Services page], strategic consultancy and advice, and solutions for common cybersecurity challenges [link to main Solutions page] to a range of cybersecurity needs and objectives. Find out more

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