Managed Assurance Service

Our Managed Assurance Service (MAS) is a solid, and robust, risk management programme that gives you the assurance, that the threats faced by your business are under control.

If you’d like to manage the cyber risk to your business by implementing a best-practice security framework, our Managed Assurance Service (MAS) is ideal. Conducted over four quarters, MAS is a blend of tools and expertise to increase your resilience to hackers. As part of the Content+Cloud group, our Managed Assurance Service is delivered by the group’s cybersecurity experts.

Depending on your existing security posture, this can include:

  • IT health checks with hands-on support for remediation
  • Scanning your applications and infrastructure to plug vulnerabilities
  • Staff awareness training (workshops or online)
  • Socially engineering your users to gain access to your systems or premises

A proven risk management programme gives you the assurance that the threats faced by your business are under control. Furthermore, MAS is aligned with Cyber Essentials – a government backed scheme for protecting UK organisations against the commonest dangers.

We’ll give you security recommendations every quarter. If you implement them, you’ll gain Cyber Essentials PLUS certification and can demonstrate to your customers and employees you’re serious about protecting them. By improving your compliance, you’ll also help satisfy the regulators.

Benchmark Your Security Posture

We’ll give you an accurate picture of your vulnerabilities in context with the risks. An informed understanding will help you to prioritise improvements. And our information security professionals will be on hand to guide and support you and your team.

Why Choose Perspective Risk’s Managed Assurance Service?

We believe security should be proportionate, largely invisible, and should enhance – not hinder – the user experience.

We live and breathe security and have experts in every discipline. Should you need support beyond MAS, we can help. We understand Cyber Essentials inside out and have a deep knowledge of its pitfalls.

We’re also an IASME certification body, meaning we can furnish you with your Cyber Essentials PLUS certificate. Above all, we care deeply about delivering a quality service; you’ll find us friendly, expert and highly supportive.

If you would like a no obligation quote for a Managed Assurance Service, for your organisation, please get in touch today.