Vulnerability Scanning

Perspective Risk offers managed vulnerability scanning, which means you spend less time and resource by fixing only confirmed vulnerabilities across your network including firewalls, routers, switches, servers, and web and mobile applications.

Our managed vulnerability scanning services are cost-effective, on-demand and scheduled, enable retesting of vulnerabilities quickly and easily, and provide full vulnerability analysis and remediation advice from each assessment.

Regular vulnerability scanning helps protect your business from an evolving threat landscape, as well as ensuring you meet your legal obligations.

What are the key benefits of Managed Vulnerability Scanning?

When implemented regularly and professionally managed vulnerability scanning services provide cost effective vulnerability discovery, satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements, and reduce the risks from third party and off-the-shelf applications.

All of this ensures your organisation has better awareness of your network’s security posture and can work towards improving it.

What does Managed Vulnerability Scanning provide? 

  • Centralised, configurable vulnerability scanning of your assets for over 30,000 vulnerabilities
  • Cost-effective scanning of public facing systems and your internal network
  • On-demand and scheduled scanning
  • Retest identified vulnerabilities quickly and easily
  • Full vulnerability analysis and remediation advice from each assessment
  • Compliant scans produce an official PCI compliance report, which can be submitted to your card services provider

Why choose Managed Vulnerability Scanning from Perspective Risk

  • Managed service means you save time and energy fixing only relevant vulnerabilities
  • You have a cost-effective and highly configurable solution
  • Scalable and can be tailored to your needs
  • You can easily create and manage quarterly PCI-compliant vulnerability scan reports to validate your ongoing compliance
  • The support of an expert, helpful team behind you

If you would like a no obligation quote, to access regular and managed vulnerability scanning for your organisation, please get in touch today.