Red Teaming

Perspective Risk’s elite Red Team simulates a cyber attack on your organisation. By deploying similar strategies, tactics and hacking tools to real-life attackers, you’ll gain an authentic picture of your company’s resilience to cybercrime. 

Today’s cybercriminals hide in plain sight and come in many forms – premeditated hacking groups, corporate espionage, nation states and remote solo threat actors. Intelligent and determined, credible and convincing. They are also evolving.

They search for vulnerabilities in your people, premises, technologies and processes. Usually, they find them.

Their motives may be financial or malicious, but their objective is common; to compromise your systems, data or intellectual property.

Benefits of Perspective Risk’s Red Team security testing? 

A Red Team engagement will help you understand how your existing prevention and detection control systems, and your Blue Team, are performing.

By revealing otherwise unidentified risk areas, a red team attack will identify where you should focus your resources, help you validate and improve security, strengthen defences and increase the security awareness of employees – all of which will drive greater security vigilance across your business.

Our bespoke interpretation of the Kill Chain – the character and progression of cyber intrusions, allows for the highly configurable selection of attacks deemed the most appropriate for your organisation and budget.

Our red team will interact appropriately with your blue team, forging productive alliances and upskilling.

What does a Red Team assessment involve? 

A robust, methodical and flexible approach is vital to the success of a Red Team engagement. This ensures clear objectives and that stakeholder expectations are met.

As no two red teams are the same, we have developed a customised approach to both scoping and delivery.

Mission Brief 

A scoping workshop designed to capture all key requirements. Includes rules of engagement, legal considerations and a communications strategy.

Plan of Action

Detailing the engagement’s objectives and what elements of Red Teaming are permissible. All documentation from this point forward is relayed only to the nominated team and only through secure methods.

Staged Execution

Our flexible approach allows for each successive phase to be adapted based on ‘facts on the ground’. On completion of each phase, briefings are scheduled to review the intelligence gathered, levels of access achieved and the subsequent phases.

Execution Debrief

On completion of the engagement, a comprehensive report is provided setting out the progress of objectives and detailing the successful and unsuccessful attack vectors.

Mission Debrief

A meeting is scheduled to inform and prioritise next steps and remediation.

Why choose Perspective Risk’s Red Team?

  • CHECK and CREST member company
  • CREST STAR accredited
  • 25 years combined experience
  • Highly regarded, well-established Red team
  • All stages of our assessment are agreed and clearly documented
  • Trusted by blue chip companies and Government departments
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited
  • Flexible solutions package to fit your specific environment and budget
  • Wrap-around, complimentary services available

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