Managed SIEM Services

A Managed Security Incident and Event Management (Managed SIEM) service is critical to any organisation, especially in today’s world of fast-evolving and ever-increasing cybersecurity threats.

Our cloud-based Managed SIEM service enables our clients to improve their ability to contain, respond and recover from adverse cyber security related event.

With thousands, possibly millions, of security events being logged every day, your IT team will just not have the time or the tools to record, review and then respond appropriately to them, even with automated SIEM software.

Our Managed SIEM service logs, correlates and analyses the events, coming into your networks and systems, looking for the ones that could turn into threats or even incidents, and then implements containment, recovery and response actions to mitigate the impact of a security breach.

In addition, our service helps you proactively understand your vulnerability landscape, with regular vulnerability scanning, to provide visibility of the highest risks across your network and help focus security remediation efforts on the most critical assets before a threat can exploit them and cause harm.

The Perspective Risk Managed SIEM service includes the following monthly activities:

  • Managed SIEM Overview
  • SIEM Health Monitoring
  • SIEM Capacity Monitoring
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Asset Detection
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Threat Feeds

We can also provide escalation and additional services in reaction to the output generated by the Managed SIEM service including:

  • Incident triage and response up to containment and eradication.
  • Vulnerability verification and reporting.

As well as continuously monitoring your infrastructure and devices, our SIEM platform leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, integrating with  and comparing the latest threat intelligence including open and commercial threat feeds, IDS signatures, vulnerability assessment profiles, asset discovery signatures, IP reputation data, all of which enables to have an up-to-the minute view of the possible threats facing the network and the vulnerabilities the threats are trying to exploit.

The technology behind our Managed SIEM service is delivered through our Cybersecurity Operations Centre (CSOC), powered by Azure Sentinel or AlienVault platforms, which ensure we can mitigate the risk of sophisticated cyber attacks, malware, hackers and other blended threats for our clients.

Perspective Risk Managed SIEM service:

  • Includes SaaS and on-premise infrastructure
  • Covers every alert and detectable incident scenario
  • Monitors all logs generated and are not limited to a subset of the infrastructure
  • Provides active network scanning of all sites, file integrity monitoring and host-based assessment
  • Has full DR capability, as our solution is cloud-based
  • Provides virtualised sensor and agent-based technology, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware, maintenance & capacity management

As part of the Content+Cloud group, some of our cybersecurity services, such as our Managed SIEM service, are delivered by the combined Perspective Risk and Content+Cloud team, but our cybersecurity experts are just that: our experts and they are highly professional.

That means everything we do has your best interests at heart. Our accreditations include CREST C-Star, CHECK service provider, Cyber Essentials certifying body, ISO27001 and ISO9001, to ensure we remain impartial and can demonstrate that we practice what we preach.

If you would like to improve your threat and vulnerability visibility and reduce the impact and exposure through swifter remediation, then  please get in touch about our Managed SIEM service today.