Security Awareness Training

Even with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and the right cybersecurity tools, people are often the weakest link in any organisation’s InfoSec posture.

This is generally due to a lack of understanding of how they play a critical part in protecting your company’s networks, data and other information assets.

In today’s competitive environment, successful organisations respond quickly to changing circumstances by changing themselves – effectively and decisively. This includes their employees.

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security Awareness training is the formal process for ensuring your employees understand the dangers of cybersecurity attacks, and how to prevent them.

As well as mitigating the threat, employees should know who to turn to in the case of a suspected cyber or phishing attack and what they should and should not do to avoid exposing their organisation.

What are the benefits of Security Awareness Training?

As well as reducing the risk of a security breach via the weakest link in the chain, security awareness training instils proper behaviour in your employees, the people who come into contact with your organisations’ data and IP.

By having regular security awareness training and ensuring new starters are properly briefed from day 1, you will be able to meet any regulatory and compliance requirements, and maintain your accreditations.

Finally, by taking a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach to your cybersecurity and information security posture, you are protecting your brand and reputation, and the resulting negative media attention.

Security Awareness Training Courses from Perspective Risk

Our security awareness training courses include:

  • A half day classroom training course covering the core elements of security awareness
  • Coverage of regulatory standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS
  • A wide range of topics including incident reporting, online security, building security and mobile devices

Why choose Security Awareness Training from Perspective Risk?

Our philosophy has always been to promote a simple, practical and jargon free approach and our course content focus is on the application and implementation of best practices.

We limit our training courses in size so that you can share your views and experiences, and you get the benefit of trainers who are practicing security consultants, with day-to-day experience and knowledge of security management and are qualified security auditors.

Finally, we focus on the needs of the organisation as well as helping to support individual employees’ career development.

If want to prevent a cyberattack, rather than recover from one, because of a mistake by an employee then get in touch to book your training today.