Managed App Vulnerability Scanning

If a full blown penetration test would be overkill for your web app, but you know you need an economical way to monitor common vulnerabilities, Managed Application Vulnerability Scanning could be the answer. 

Our managed application vulnerability scanning service neatly fills the gap between leaving your web app completely untested, and a more involved, threat-based penetration test.

An application vulnerability scan ensures that all common vulnerabilities are discovered and eradicated from your web apps.

What is Managed Application Vulnerability Scanning? 

Managed application vulnerability scans can range from fully automated scanning to hybrid penetration testing for web applications.

With the automated option there is a minimal overhead in configuration and scope, while the hybrid approach ensures zero false positives and includes business logic and privilege separation.

Our vulnerability scanning services support all major web technologies, including Ajax and HTML5, and include the identification of over 140 web application vulnerability types, including OWASP top 10, and will intelligently scan your entire web application for vulnerabilities, even behind your login pages.

Because our vulnerability scanning services are managed, you will receive regular reports addressing:

  • The vulnerabilities discovered in your web app
  • Where the vulnerabilities were located
  • The steps required to remediate them

What are the key benefits of using a Managed Application Vulnerability Scanning Service? 

A managed service provides a proactive approach to threat whilst balancing your budget, and ensures you benefit from the most current expertise ensuring continued security for your web applications.

In cybersecurity, ‘prevention is always better than the cure’ and the predictable, fixed monthly costs of a managed application vulnerability scanning service, far outweigh the costly and more disruptive alternatives of a cyberattack, the resulting downtime, the reputational damage and possible breaching of compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our managed service also ensures you receive consistently accurate reporting of vulnerabilities, with our Zero False Positive Guarantee, which minimises wasted time chasing vulnerabilities that turn out to be non-existent.

Your time and resource is kept to a minimum, leaving your IT team to focus on adding value on a day to day basis. To get your vulnerability scans up and running, all we need is a URL and a few account details from you.

Why choose Perspective Risk’s Managed Application Vulnerability Scanning Service? 

Our hybrid managed application vulnerability scanning service is the only one of its kind in the UK. You’ll not only get industry-best expertise, but you’ll stay on top of the ever-changing threat and vulnerability landscape.

Your data will be kept secure and held in data centres within your data protection jurisdictions, and any test tuning, monitoring and maintenance is carried out by our expert penetration testers; and scheduled testing at intervals and times to suit your applications, means you have predictability and control.

At any time, you can choose to escalate your managed application vulnerability scanning service to a full threat-based penetration test, and we’ll deduct the cost of application scanning for you.

If you would like to get a quote for our Managed Application Scanning Service from Perspective Risk’s expert team, please get in touch today.