Managed Mobile App Vulnerability Scanning

The need to safeguard your mobile applications is indisputable. The question is how best to do so. Mobile app vulnerability scanning is effective, economical, and frees your team to focus on confirmed security vulnerabilities, highlighted in priority order. 

Our manage mobile app scanning service supports all major mobile app technologies, is straightforward to run, and allows you to keep pace with the ever-changing threat and vulnerability landscape.

You can choose from two levels of service:

  1. Mobile App Vulnerability Scanning – an automated vulnerability scanning platform
  2. Mobile App Vulnerability Scanning Plus – includes our Information Security team’s review of your results together with their expert insights

What are the key benefits of using a Managed Mobile App Vulnerability Scanning? 

In cybersecurity, ‘prevention is always better than cure’ and the predictable, fixed monthly costs of a managed mobile app vulnerability scanning service enable you to keep control of your IT budget and ensure you satisfy – and can evidence – compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our managed service also ensures you receive consistently accurate reporting of vulnerabilities, with our Zero False Positive Guarantee, and actionable reports setting out each vulnerability, and associated risk level, along with clear remediation advice.

In addition, your time and resource is kept to a minimum, leaving your IT team to focus on adding value on a day to day basis. To get your vulnerability scans up and running, all we need is access to your apps.

What does Mobile App Vulnerability Scanning include? 

  • Supports iOS and Android based applications and all other major mobile app technologies
  • Multiple vulnerability checks address SSL and encryption implementations, logging, compilation issues and errors, buffer overflow checks and more
  • Comprehensive reports – on demand or scheduled – you choose
  • Straightforward implementation, requiring minimal configuration or client scoping
  • Simply give us the installation file, e.g. .ipa, .apk, iTunes, Google Play Store URL, development platform URL

Why choose Mobile App Vulnerability Scanning from Perspective Risk? 

  • Your data is held in data centres within your data protection jurisdiction
  • We’re accredited to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001
  • Our expert team is dedicated to providing a quality service and includes some of the most highly qualified infosec professionals in the UK
  • You’ll find us supportive and easy to do business with
  • We offer a range of other innovative products, allowing you to scale up your security as required
  • We’ll go the extra mile for you whenever possible
  • We have a loyal client base across the public, private and third sectors and our customers rate us highly – references available

If you would like to get a quote for our Managed Mobile App Scanning Service from Perspective Risk’s expert team, please get in touch today.