Technical Audits

At Perspective Risk, our cybersecurity technical audits use gap analysis techniques to conduct a deep review of your information systems’ security configuration and seek out any defects that could be exploited.

We offer a range of technical audits which can be tailored to your business needs and they are often combined with penetration tests to verify implementation issues or those introduced in the design process.

Server Build Reviews

Understanding the security of your implemented server builds provides you with greater confidence and the server build review process allows you to maintain compliance with regulatory or internal standards. Get an in-depth audit of your critical servers and protect your critical data.

End Point Build Reviews

An endpoint device is used regularly to interface with a network and may be a workstation, laptop, smart phone or other mobile device. Higher levels of interaction warrant a detailed analysis of the device’s security, not just from the perspective of an external threat but also from that of an authorised user.

Network Device Audit

Network devices are crucial for the operation of any organisation, and their compromise can have a huge impact, which can be immediately quantifiable in terms of lost revenue and productivity. A network device audit by Perspective Risk provides a comprehensive and detailed security audit of network components such as switches and routers, to ensure that weaknesses in their configuration are identified and remediated, reducing the risk of a security incident.

Security Device Audit

Security devices such as firewalls, VPN endpoints and IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) are critical components to any network. They often represent a sizeable investment in security, which to be fully realised relies on their effective and secure configuration. A security device audit reviews those aspects of security that cannot be assessed by any other audit type and ensures that they are operating as effectively as possible.

Source Code Review

Source code is a developer’s interpretation of a business process or function, but it is not immune to errors that affect the security of the application. Where a defence in depth assessment is required, the source code itself needs to be analysed for greater security assurance that cannot be achieved from an application penetration test.

Whatever technical audit requirement you have for your cybersecurity, Perspective Risk can help make sure things really secure.

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