Social Engineering Assessments

The user is increasingly being targeted as the weak point in an organisation’s information security structure and social engineering is often the way in.

A social engineering assessment from Perspective Risk will help you to understand the key threats and likely attack paths as well as your resilience to social engineering.

What can you gain from a social engineering assessment by Perspective Risk? 

  • You can allow employees to use social media and rich internet applications knowing that they are less likely to be compromised
  • You increase security awareness and reduce the risk of a security breach through the human firewall
  • You close the gaps, improve your physical security and prevent outsiders from gaining access to your assets
  • You provide greater protection for your employees, customers and stakeholders

What does a social engineering assessment involve? 

  • We conduct a detailed analysis of the threats your organisation faces, from your staff’s susceptibility to spear phishing attacks to perceived weaknesses in physical security
  • We develop a bespoke set of assessments to mimic these threats and provide a realistic assessment
  • Comprehensive assessments of physical security, including attempting to circumvent any physical security mechanisms or procedures to gain access to organisational assets
  • You receive a full report detailing any vulnerabilities
  • You receive a prioritised list of remedial actions that directly compare to the magnitude of probable loss expected for any given threat

Why choose Perspective Risk for a social engineering assessment? 

  • You receive a bespoke assessment according to the needs of your business
  • Our testing methods are scoped based on your business and threats that are real to your organisation
  • You work with expert consultants who are well versed in persuasive methods
  • Our tailored approach provides focus on specific vectors
  • We identify areas of corporate information leakage including weaknesses in employee social media policies
  • You receive a prioritised report targeted at the executive and for information security teams

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