PRCON 2011

Whilst we are ardent supporters of maintaining a healthy balance between work and life and well aware of the advantages of remote working, at Perspective Risk we still believe a great team spirit is necessary in order to deliver the best service possible. With this in mind, every year the whole team at Perspective Risk convene in one location to get face time in a more social environment. Our event is normally split over two days, the first being a day of presentations and the latter something fun!

Every person on the team has to give a presentation on a topic of their choosing whether they are part of the technical team or not. This ensures everyone understands the value and contribution each team member brings to the team.  PRCON 2011 was held in the Lake District overlooking Lake Windermere and the presentations covered:

  • Advanced Metasploit Database use
  • Android and Application Internals
  • PDF Malware and Anti-Virus Bypass
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Burp Safely
  • Forensic Malware analysis

Some amazing content was delivered which will be appearing as blog posts soon.