How can we help you protect your business from cybercriminals?

Our Mission

At Perspective Risk, an Advania company, our security professionals are obsessed by cybersecurity. Actually, this means they’re obsessed with YOUR cybersecurity.

Our mission is to provide the very best managed security services in the UK to our clients; helping them detect, and respond to, cyber threats and breaches, and protect their business from the risks posed by cybercriminals – every day.

We are the UK’s foremost cybersecurity experts. Trust is key. And you can trust us when we say the cybercriminals don’t like us.

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Penetration Testing

When carrying out a Penetration Test on your organisation, our team of cybersecurity experts behave just like the attackers who are trying to get inside your organisation every day, for real.

Our Penetration Tests are very simply a security assessment of your organisation’s cybersecurity posture and situation and are designed to uncover specific issues within your cybersecurity that we can then go on to help you address. Whether you want our Penetration Test Team to see if they can steal customer data, gain domain administrator access, or modify sensitive salary information or something else completely, then get a quote from us today.

Incorporating well known methodologies such as OSSTMM and OWASP in our approach ensures you will receive accurate, verified and repeatable results. And our plain English and easy to follow reports explain the issues in both plain speak and technical speak, leaving you in no doubt what you need to fix and how to fix it.

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Red Teaming

Perspective Risk’s Red Team will execute a time-framed assessment, designed like a real-world cybercriminal attack, with one objective in mind: to improve the quality of your cybersecurity defences, including your Blue Team.

No two red teams are the same, and we have developed a customised approach to both scoping and delivery that includes: Mission Brief, Plan of Action, Staged Execution, Execution Debrief, Mission Debrief.

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Security Operations Centre

It’s a matter of when – and not if – your organisation’s security is compromised.

Whether the breaches are caused by careless insiders or external threat actors, you need to be ready. Your SOC deploys a range of sophisticated technologies to protect your business 24/7/365.

As part of the Advania Group, our UK-based Security Operations Centre is staffed by the group’s cybersecurity experts, and their job is to watch your environment around-the-clock. Our SOC team will rapidly detect an intrusion or attack – and triage it based on a range of characteristics.

Our hand-picked team includes the finest minds in information security and we have the credentials to prove it. Our ISMS (Information Security Management System) is certified to ISO 27001.

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Managed Assurance Services

Ongoing cyber security assessment and improvement is the main benefit of utilising Perspective Risk’s Managed Assurance Service.

The other key outcome is support in achieving your Cyber Essentials (or Cyber Essentials Plus) security certification. Our Managed Assurance Service is a solid risk management programme that combines tools and expertise to increase your business’ resilience to hackers and other cybersecurity criminals.

We’ll also give you cybersecurity recommendations every quarter. If you implement them, you’ll gain Cyber Essentials PLUS certification and can demonstrate to your customers and employees you’re serious about protecting them.

We’ll give you an accurate picture of your vulnerabilities in context with the risks. An informed understanding will help you to prioritise improvements. And our information security professionals will be on hand to guide and support you and your team.

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