Security Device Audit

A security device audit from Perspective Risk reviews those aspects of security and security devices that cannot be assessed by any other audit type and ensures that all devices are operating as effectively as possible.

Security devices such as firewalls, VPN endpoints and IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) are critical components to any network. They often represent a sizeable investment in security, which to be fully realised relies on their effective and secure configuration.

What can you gain from a security device audit by Perspective Risk? 

  • You ensure that your investment in security is as effective as possible
  • You benefit from the security that devices such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems provide, knowing that the device itself is not likely to be compromised
  • You are supported in meeting government regulations and compliance requirements
  • You can benchmark your security device configurations against industry standard practices

What does a security device audit by Perspective Risk involve? 

  • Working with a consultant with an in-depth knowledge of the security of the device you wish to audit
  • Understanding the function of the device and the environment in which it operates, to ensure that our audit provides relevant and achievable recommendations
  • A comprehensive audit of every facet of the device configuration – from traffic analysis and security hardening to device management and a complete review of any filtering rules or other protection mechanisms
  • Audits are based on a robust set of industry and government security standards incorporating guidance from NSA and CIS benchmarks
  • Any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the configuration of security devices are fully documented in a report, which includes detailed recommendations such as the exact command syntax for the device to address the issues

Why choose Perspective Risk for security device audits? 

  • Our expert consultants are experienced in reviewing firewall and other rule and signature-based security devices
  • We cover all major technologies including Cisco, CheckPoint, Fortinet, Juniper
  • You receive a prioritised report based on key gaps relevant to your organisation
  • You gain an in-depth view of critical device security
  • Your security devices are audited against the latest threats

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