Network Device Audit

A network device audit by Perspective Risk provides a comprehensive and detailed security audit of network components such as switches and routers, to ensure that weaknesses in their configuration are identified and remediated, reducing the risk of a security incident.

Network devices are crucial for the operation of any organisation, and their compromise can have a huge impact, which can be immediately quantifiable in terms of lost revenue and productivity.

What can you gain from a network device audit by Perspective Risk? 

  • You can extend your connectivity to achieve business objectives without sacrificing security
  • You are supported in meeting government regulations and compliance requirements
  • You reduce the risk of network device compromise and subsequent loss of revenue and productivity

What does a network device audit involve?

  • You work with a consultant with in-depth knowledge of the security of the device you wish to audit
  • We work with you to understand the function of the device and the environment in which it operates to ensure that our audit provides relevant and achievable recommendations
  • We review all configuration aspects ensuring that security is addressed at every level – as well as the exposure of the device to network threats, we conduct a complete review of the risks from every threat community
  • An assessment of the device patch level, the logging and auditing implementation, authentication mechanisms as well as any available security features
  • A device audit is a great addition to a network penetration test as this provides a complete picture of the strength of all your controls, not just the ones directly exposed to an attacker

Why choose Perspective Risk for network device audits?

  • Our methodology draws on years of experience across a wide range of technologies
  • We cover all major technologies including Cisco, Juniper, 3COM, HP
  • Audits not only review configurations but also consider the implementation of security hardened devices
  • Network device audits are based on a robust set of industry and government security standards
  • You gain an in-depth view of the security of critical devices
  • You can identify security flaws in network devices before a threat is realised
  • You receive a prioritised report based on key gaps relevant to your organisation

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