Phishing Awareness

Phishing is a social engineering technique to gain sensitive information by deceiving people into providing it through deceptive messaging. Is your organisation susceptible to phishing or smishing attacks? Phishing Awareness quantifies this question

What is Phishing Awareness?

  • It’s a managed email phishing awareness service that enables you to identify and measure phishing vulnerabilities in your organisation
  • It includes a number of email campaigns that can be tailored to your business environment and relevant topics
  • Carefully-designed non-destructive attacks target IT users of your choice and measure the results
  • Our experienced consultants interpret the results, provide trend analysis, and highlight problem areas such as department or location

What are the key benefits of Simulated Phishing?

  • You receive an accurate assessment of employee security awareness and can benchmark your security awareness campaigns
  • You can increase employee security awareness in the right areas
  • You can optimise and focus security training before a malicious attack actually occurs
  • You satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements

Why choose Simulated Phishing from Perspective Risk?

  • It’s the only phishing awareness program of its kind
  • You receive bespoke recommendations based on the findings of the analysis
  • You receive valuable metrics on the levels of security awareness
  • You have the option of immediate user feedback and training
  • You choose the sophistication level of each campaign