GDPR Implementation

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, heralding some of the strictest – and most punitive – data protection laws in the world. With 91 Articles spanning 88 pages, light reading it is not.

The good news is your organisation should be compliant with some elements already, as the GDPR can be considered a (significantly) beefed up version of The UK Data Protection Act 1998, which it replaces. You can catch our GDPR FAQs here.

If you’re in a heavily regulated industry, or your company has particular certifications such as ISO 27001, you’ll also find a crossover with some of the standards of the GDPR.

To self-assess your readiness for the new regulation take our GDPR questionnaire here.

What can you gain from Perspective Risk’s help implementing the GDPR?

As information security and data management specialists with experience assisting the private, public and third sectors, we can:

  • Assess your current state of preparedness with our GDPR Assessment
  • Once we’ve identified the gaps and risks, support you to full compliance
  • Help your business maintain conformance with the new regulation

As well as attaining compliance and avoiding heavy penalties, more fundamentally you will:

  • Instil the trust of your customers, service-users or patients
  • Foster staff awareness
  • Promote the confidence of your shareholders and stakeholders
  • Protect your brand

What does Perspective Risk’s help with GDPR implementation involve?

We’ll start with a thorough assessment of your privacy maturity. This will determine what needs to be done – and by when – to achieve full compliance.

Many organisations today don’t know where all their data is stored. A key part of the privacy audit will be identifying what information you’re currently holding and why.

Our review will include your internal policies, risk management, external communications, and processes that relate to privacy. Depending on your needs and our findings, our services help with:

  •  Complete oversight of the data across your infrastructure with a Data Asset Register (Information Asset Register) and;
  •  The data assets stored with your supply chain /third party/ cloud providers
  •  Privacy Impact Assessments – understand the risks specific to your data
  •  Launch of measures to address privacy issues
  •  A pragmatic Data Breach and Incident Response Plan
  •  Privacy Notice – relevant to your market or audience
  •  Guidance on your processes and use of software, as applicable to the GDPR
  •  A technically proficient team behind your DPO – should you have one. If not;
  •  A contracted Data Protection Officer from Perspective Risk
  •  Staff training and awareness
  •  Repeat-cycle risk management gap-analysis and more

Why choose Perspective Risk for your GDPR implementation?

By joining some of the most respected names in the UK and choosing to work with us, you’ll be in safe hands. Our approach is robust, comprehensive, and shaped around your needs.

This is underpinned by our familiarity with the GDPR, blended with a deep knowledge of the complexities of information security.

PR’s ethos is to exceed expectations, be good to work with, and share expertise. You’ll encounter an eminently qualified and supportive team.

For a GDPR Assessment or help with implementation, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you