Wireless Penetration Testing Services

Employing a wireless solution can offer your employees and guests greater flexibility, but it comes with greater potential for attack through extending your physical network boundaries. 

Our wireless penetration testing provides you with the assurance that your wireless network is secure.

What can you gain from wireless penetration testing by Perspective Risk? 

  • An understanding of the level of risk wireless networks pose to your organisation and how to mitigate this risk
  • Greater flexibility for users, while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data
  • Maintaining your compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS

What does wireless penetration testing involve? 

Our comprehensive testing methodology covers all aspects of wireless security and our skilled consultants identify any weaknesses in your wireless implementation.

We test every aspect of wireless security including encryption schemes, wireless network boundaries, network segregation and wireless device configuration.

Our approach is driven by what you need to achieve from the assessment as well as the likely threat vectors, determined by the connectivity of the wireless network to your other networks

Penetration tests can be conducted from a number of perspectives, for example:

  • An unauthorised intruder with no knowledge (black box)
  • A guest with authorised access (grey box)
  • A detailed assessment of every aspect of the implementation including device configurations (white box)

On completion of the assessment, any vulnerabilities encountered are detailed in full in a report, along with the associated risk to your business.

Why choose Perspective Risk for wireless penetration testing? 

  • Our expert consultants are very experienced in testing wireless networks
  • We cover all major vendors including Cisco, Aruba, Airwave AMP
  • You receive a clear comprehensive report detailing any vulnerabilities encountered and the specific threats to your organisation prioritised according to risk
  • We provide comprehensive remedial advice for every identified issue

If you would like to get a quote for a Wireless Penetration Test from Perspective Risk’s expert team, please get in touch today.