Network Penentration Testing Services

Ensuring that your information assets are secure from both internal and external attacks is vital to your business, so it is essential to prevent any malicious activity on your networks. 

Our network penetration tests aim to identify issues and vulnerabilities before they have an impact on your operations.

What can you gain from network penetration testing by Perspective Risk? 

  • Assurance that your information systems and networks are secured while still supporting all your organisation’s business objectives
  • Your network conforming to your industry’s standards, such as PSN/GSi CoCo, PCI DSS, Security Policy Framework
  • Identification of trends in insecure practices and the ability to redirect investment to where it is needed most

What does network penetration testing involve? 

We put ourselves in the shoes of someone with malicious intent, replicating attacks in a controlled manner to assess the strength of your current security.

Our skilled consultants follow a proven methodology, which consists of four main stages:

  1. We gather information from your network that would be useful to an attacker, such as running network services and operating system versions.
  2. We look for misconfigurations such as weak passwords or unpatched software that can lead to unauthorised access.
  3. If requested, we go ahead and exploit any potential flaws to confirm the risk, and to see what effect it would have on your organisation.
  4. We analyse the actual risk to your business and can complete a true evaluation of the vulnerability, the threats and the assets at risk, resulting in an accurate business risk assessment.

Why choose Perspective Risk for network penetration testing

  • We use a unique threat-based model where, after comprehensively scoping your needs, we analyse the risk factors and determine who or what the threat communities are.
  • Our assessment is conducted from the perspective of these threat communities, to provide a realistic appraisal for your organisation
  • You receive a tailored assessment that applies to your business and relevant threats, not a generic assessment
  • Any vulnerabilities in your network will be detailed in full in our final report and prioritised in order of magnitude of risk to your business
  • We provide comprehensive remedial advice for every identified issue
  • Our CREST and CHECK qualified consultants are experienced in network penetration testing and IT Health Checks
  • We cover all network technologies and solutions including web, proxies, mail, databases, storage – essentially, anything with a connection to a network

If you would like to get a quote for a Network Penetration Test from Perspective Risk’s expert team, please get in touch today.