Mobile App Penetration Testing Services

The popularity of mobile apps is huge and they often need to communicate with web services or store sensitive data locally. 

This can provide attackers with an exposed surface, so mobile app penetration testing is essential to protect your assets.

What can you gain from mobile app penetration testing by Perspective Risk? 

  • Confidence that your own and your customers’ data will not be leaked or misused through your mobile apps
  • Protection of your information systems and people by verifying the security of third party apps demanded by your staff
  • Improvement in your secure coding standards and knowledge for future projects
  • Implementation of a Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) policy that takes advantage of the benefits and removes the risks

What does mobile application penetration testing involve? 

  • A number of assessments to ensure that the mobile application itself, associated web services and the communication between the two, are securely designed and implemented in line with industry standard security practices
  • Determining what threat vectors are applicable and carrying out a realistic security appraisal
  • Attempting to elicit sensitive information
  • Attempting to influence the way the app operates to simulate financial gain or to compromise associated web services with the goal of gaining internal access to your networks

Why choose Perspective Risk for mobile application penetration testing

  • Assessments will be focused on your business needs, using our robust mobile application testing methodology
  • You work with expert consultants who are experienced in mobile application assessments
  • We cover major application languages and technologies including objective-C,  Java, Blackberry MDS, .Net
  • You receive a prioritised report based on risk criteria relevant to your organisation
  • You receive a detailed list of remedial activities prioritised according to the risk to your business

If you would like to get a quote for a Mobile Penetration Test from Perspective Risk’s expert team, please get in touch today.