New Remote Testing Available, In Response To The Coronavirus

New Remote Testing Available, In Response To The Coronavirus

Remote Security Assessments of Internal Systems, Applications and Infrastructure

In response to the coronavirus crisis and an increased demand for remote working, the team at Perspective Risk has quickly developed a bespoke remote testing solution. This allows our consultants to carry out internal security assessments from remote locations.  The solution is simple, secure and cost-effective, offering our clients the ability to test their internal systems and applications without the additional expenditure that onsite tests can incur.

What Type of Assessments Can be Conducted Remotely With the Bespoke Perspective Risk Solution?

Most of our security assessments can be conducted remotely:

To enquire about any of these remote testing security assessments, just pop your details into our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

How Do These Remote Assessments Work?

The diagram below diagram illustrates the simplified model of the solution that Perspective Risk developed for remote testing:

In the above scenario, only the VPN Gateway, which is a virtual machine available in a variety of formats, must be deployed by the client on their network. The VPN gateway is configured to communicate with the VPN server located in a secure Data Center. As soon as the mutual connection is established, the VPN Client (Perspective Risk Consultants) can connect, and testing can commence. Communication is secured and encrypted between VPN endpoints.

From a client perspective, the only action needed to commence testing is to start the provided virtual machine. The virtual machine, acting as the VPN Gateway in this case, is configured to automatically establish secure communications and automatically route traffic between the local network (LAN) and the VPN Gateway.

When testing is complete, the virtual machine can be powered off and securely deleted. This approach greatly simplifies onsite assessments, which can be conducted by consultants based in remote locations, regardless of how complex the assessed environment is.

Alternative Options for Remote Testing

Another possibility is conducting tests and assessments via VPN solution or link provided and configured by our clients. However, depending on the complexity of the environment, this may  require additional changes to be made to the VPN link to facilitate remote testing.

If you’d like our team’s help, you’ll find them only too ready to give their best. For an initial chat or to get the ball rolling, contact us.

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