Penetration Testing Buyer’s Guide

Penetration Testing Buyer’s Guide

Pentesting – A Guide to Buying

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What to check before purchasing a Penetration Test

As a first time buyer looking for a pentesting provider, or perhaps a second time buyer with lightly toasted fingers, what criteria should you use when selecting a penetration testing company?

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Choosing a pentest supplier can present a risk in itself. In our Buyer’s Guide for Penetration Testing, we help you to navigate your way across the potentially choppy waters and advise on:

  • What credentials to look for – and how to check them
  • The Penetration Test Report; ensuring it meets your needs
  • What costs to expect
  • What are you actually buying? A Pen Test or a Vulnerability Scan?
  • Are you paying for the brand?
  • Other key considerations: ethics, communication, testimonials 

The guide includes a template to help you ask the right questions, record your answers and compare providers. It was written by Perspective Risk’s Pravesh Kara, a highly qualified and respected figure in the infosec industry. Kara is frequently called on by blue chips, government organisations and charities for his advice. You can check his credentials here.

So, download our guidance and proceed with confidence. Click here to access your free Buyer’s Guide to Penetration Testing.

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